Hi all

So, an exciting time for me. I’ve finished the first part of my story and am going through the final stages of editing before publishing my book on Amazon Kindle :). As soon as I have a chapter that I consider polished enough for release, I’ll post up a sample on this site for you all to read. The book is a science fiction and fantasy fusion and I hope that when it’s published it can be enjoyed by people who love both genres. Writing it has been a blast and I am looking forward to getting stuck into Book Two.

I have always loved reading and at an early age, my love of writing grew too. English was one of my favourite subjects at school and I would hand in essays that were far too long, as I became carried away with the narrative of the story. Since then I have written mainly for myself, but always with the view of getting something published… and here I am 🙂 on the cusp.

I’m always happy to receive any constructive criticism and tips or just a ‘hi’ from any of you folks that choose to follow me. So a big hello to you all.